Friday, April 3, 2009

National Rankings

Rugby Magazine recently released a new publication called 'High School Rugger.' The new quarterly newsletter is aimed towards covering HS level rugby through out the US. In the 'Rugger's Spring issue they rank the top 10 teams in the Nation. The Amazons were ranked #8 on this list. Although we may not agree with the rankings, the publication itself is a sign that rugby is growing, especially HS rugby. I feel we should be in the top 5 at least. But at least this way, people will look at us as being weak. If that's the case, you should put all your money on this underdog.

1. Divine Savior Holy Angels, WI
2. Kent, WA
3. Catholic Memorial, WI
4. Summit, CO
5. Lakewood, OH
6. Wayzata, MN
7. Douglas County, CO
8. Sacramento Amazons, CA
9. Maryville, TN
10. State College, PA

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