Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stanford "B" Falls to Mighty Amazons U19 Team

Amazons - 41
Stanford B- 22

Injuries, spring break, a wedding and Easter weekend could not keep the Amazons from doing what was needed to win against Stanford. Thirteen players were all that the Amazons could produce for this game. With numbers depleted from injuries, the Amazons still hoped to field a strong side against Stanford. However, several players with poor excuses did not show up for the game. This was very frustrating as they abandoned their team mates. Stanford. Was low in numbers as well and both teams played with 13 a side.
The Amazons took the opening kick off and within seconds, Sauliloa Fauolo was able to weave through the defense to score a try. Stanford played an exspansive game, moving the ball often, attempting torun side line to side line. But Stanford's ball handling often let them down. The Amazons did well to play within their game plan. Stanford had no answer for the Amazon's physical play. Centers, Marina and Hine were pivotal on defense coming through with huge tackles. Nana ran in a couple tries. And Neni definitely took MVP honors with her 4 tries.
The Amazons showed great heart. This game was definitely their toughest game of the year. The Amazons showed a lot of guts and played hard. For those players that decided not to play today, they will be dealt with.

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