Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Schedule for Pacific Coast Regional Playoff/ Championship is Set, For Now

The schedule for the Pacific Coast U-19 Regional Playoff/ Championships has been figured out by Pacific Coast Administrators this week. The 2 top teams from Northern California and top 2 teams from Washington will duke it out for the lone Pacific Coast seed in this year's National Championship. The first round of games will be played May 2nd in Redding, CA. The Amazons are the top seed out of Northern CA with Motherlode as the 2nd seed. Kent and Budd Bay are the front runners for the top 2 teams from WA. Motherlode created a stir this week as they proposed to play the tournament on the last week of April in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Invitational Tournament at San Jose State University in California. They preferred this weekend as many of their players are scheduled to take their SATs on May 2nd. Everyone else involved, including the Amazons disagreed with this propsal. WA is scheduled to have their state championship that weekend and all other teams have already made their arrangements to play in Redding on May 2nd. The tournament has been scheduled to accommodate Motherlode by starting the tournament at 4pm rather than the custom morning start time. Motherlode will kick off against the #1 team from WA at 4pm and the Amazons will face the #2 WA team at 5:30. Losers of both games will play the next day at 11am followed by the Championship game. The Amazons feel uneasy with the change of the schedule but will do what's needed to advance.

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